• To qualify for medicare rebates, a valid referral is required from your doctor (GP, Emergency physician or other specialist).

  • You can make an appointment with a referral from your physiotherapist, however medicare rebates will not apply.


  • For private patients consultation fees will be advised on confirmation of booking your appointment. Alternatively, please call us on Ph: 07 5346-8000
  • Medicare rebates also apply to clinic appointments which we will submit electronically on your behalf.


  • Before booking your surgery, we we will provide an itemised quote of surgical fees which includes an estimate of the combined Private health insurance and Medicare rebates.
  • We encourage all patients to contact their health insurer to ensure their policy covers the procedure item numbers outlined in our estimate of fees.

If you don't have health insurance:

  • This will be quite a costly process as you will be required to pay all fees upfront and medicare will only provide minimum rebates.
  • We will arrange a self-insured quote which will outline hospital fees which include theatre fees, accomodation, consumables and possible prosthetics fees; in addition to assistant fees and Dr Robinson's fees for you to consider.
  • We will provide contact details for you to obtain anaesthetic fees as the Anaesthetist is a separate billing entity.